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The Problem

   Cancer. Heart Disease. Arthritis. Diabetes. Chronic diseases like these are on the rise.  As traditional treatment methods fail to help, people are turning to alternative treatments for answers. In 1999 alone, the U.S. spent over $25 billion on alternative medicine, mostly out of the patients' own pocket. The reason is simple - it works.

The HOC Solution

   At HOC, our mission is to guide our patients to healthier living... one step at a time. We do this by providing access to knowledge, unique therapies and products proven to be safe, scientific and effective. We believe this approach will allow individuals the ability to make informed choices about their own healthcare.

Basic Steps to Healthier Living

HOC has developed a series of Steps to Healthier Living - a guideline for achieving wellness. Through these Steps, especially Step 1 - Basic Health, people can reach a greater state of well-being. An HOC physician can determine which of the Health Steps would be an appropriate starting point for each individual patient, and help guide them towards healthier living.

Step 1 - Basic Health

Basic Health is the goal of any health program - both a starting point and an ending point for healthy living. Step 1 includes: proper diet to achieve optimal physical function and prevent disease; a lifestyle that includes fresh air, clean water, and moderate exercise to keep cells and tissues strong and resilient; and environmental management to keep the home and work space free of potential allergens, toxins, and stressors. Nutritional supplements are also included in a Basic Health program as necessary, adding required nutrients to provide the building blocks needed to maintain a state of well-being and prevent illness.

Many people will begin with the Basic Health program and remain there - living well at this stage of the HOC Health System. They may require additional steps at some points in their lives, but they will be sustained at this Basic Health level. Other people may require some or all of the additional steps in the HOC Health System. Our goal for such people is to guide them through the additional steps they need to bring them back to a state of optimal health and function, back to Step 1 - Basic Health.

Step 2 - Detoxification

Every one of us has been exposed to toxins and pollutants from our environments. We are constantly bombarded with pollutants in the air and water, even in our work spaces and homes. Most of us can benefit from a detoxification program. Step 2 in the HOC Health System is Detoxification. Toxins build up in our bodies and inhibit blood and oxygen flow to our tissues, impairing nutrient absorption and hindering cellular function. Removal of such toxins allows nutrients and oxygen to reach our tissues more easily, enhancing healing and recovery of optimal physical function.

A few simple weeks of HOC's detoxification program can significantly reduce the toxin load in the body and bring about a greater state of wellness. Applied several times a year, Step 2 in the HOC Health System can keep people on the road to health, and aid in the maintenance of a fit and healthy life.

Step 3 - HOC Advanced Therapies

For those who are currently living with a medical condition, Step 3 can aid in healing the body and returning it to a state of well-being. Additional lifestyle and dietary changes may be employed, with nutraceuticals supplemented to further enhance the body's own healing processes. Scientific research in alternative medical therapies has allowed HOC to develop condition-specific treatments to accelerate the healing process. Treatments like Hyperbaric Oxygenation, Intravenous Nutrient Supplementation, Peat Hyperthermia, and Far Infrared Therapy have been researched and refined to provide benefit for specific illnesses.

Patients with specific conditions will not remain on the Step 3 protocols indefinitely. As with the other Steps of the HOC Health System, the goal of Step 3 ultimately is to take the patient back to Step 1 - Basic Health.

Step 4 - Drugs and Surgery

We at HOC believe in using natural means to allow the body to heal itself. We also know, however, that in some instances medications and/or surgery may be necessary to bring the body back to a state of optimal wellness.

HOC physicians are trained to safely and effectively combine all four of the HOC Health Steps to bring the body back to a state of wellness and health quickly. The use of medications and surgery should be specific and short-term, to be replaced as soon as possible with more natural means to generate healing.

:: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ::
What is Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy? Unique Therapy...  profound healing potential

:: Environmental Medicine::
  The secret to superb health... is a body free of environmental toxicity and restored to full function.

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